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The next few days might be a little crazy with the postings.

I'm not fortunate enough to have blood sisters, but you might have heard me mention my nephews in Memphis, well, they are on paper my cousin's children. In my heart, my nephews.
My cousin's father-in-law passed away today. Of course, the family is pitching in to help take care of the little ones since they are in town and dealing with a lot.

My cousin's husband is one of the most vocal, intellectual and well-versed Conservative men I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. Even though his father and him differed on their views, as anyone who has lost a parent knows, he has suffered a great loss.

I ask you all to pray for him and his family.

Friday, September 4, 2009

Cartoons: Sept 2/3

Old Video! Obama's Campaigner's Get Short Changed?

Video: Man Tries to Confront ABC News at Tea Party Protest, Things Get Interesting!

Video: Sophia Elena Reporting on Yet Another Organizing for America Lie

Once of a lifetime Opportunity!! (thank God!)

Saw this in the store a couple days ago...I couldn't stop myself from laughing and taking a picture. You can only imagine the looks I was getting from the patrons of the store I was in...Let's just say that in this recession I had to go to extreme lengths to save a little money!

Look! They had 2!! Let me know if you want them! Perfect for a bedroom set. Too bad there $28 though :-( Anyone interested in this one of a kind collectible? hahahaha

Video: Sophia Elena Reporting on Senator's Lockout of Protesters, Cali

Video: Steve Crowder on Gay Marriage

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Articles Spotlight: 9/3

Health Care:

Health Care Battle Wound (video): FoxNews
Pelosi Affirms Commitment to Government-Run Insurance Plan: FoxNews
Penn Senate Candidates Spar Over Health Care, Leaving Specter on Sidelines: FoxNews
Dems Target High Earners to Fund Health Plan: FoxNews
Obama's Speech to Congress is Last-Ditch Effort at Bipartisanship: FoxNews
Health care Reform Opponent says bit-off finger could not be reattached: Ventura Country Star
Obama seeks to quell health care revolt: Financial Times
Hastert: Pelosi BLEW IT on health care: Prime buzz
Health Care Reform Means more Power for the IRS: Examiner
Inhofe blast Obama at Grove Town Hall: Tulsa World

Some Parents Choose Not to Allow Their Kids to Hear Obama's National Address: FoxNews

U.S. Jobless Claims Remain Stubbornly High: FT
Dealers should be paid on 'Clunker' by Sept. 30:

White House:

'Green Jobs' Adviser's Past Could Stir Trouble for White house at Critical Time: FoxNews
White House Withdraws Call for Students to 'Help' Obama: FoxNews
Broun warns of Dictatorship: Athens Banner-Hearld

Foreign Affairs:
Pentagon Extends Tours for 82nd Airborne Troops in Afghanistan: FoxNews
U.S. to Slash Aid to Honduras; Going Out On a Limb for Left-Leaning President: FoxNews
U.S. Allows unlimited visits to relatives in Cuba: Reuters
North Korea says in last stage of enriching uranium: Reuters
Afghan U.S. Embassy patorl in 'deviant' parties with booze and hookers- NY Daily News
Shocking Hazing at U.S. Embassy in Kabul: CBS
BP Makes 'Giant' Oil Discovery in Gulf of Mexico: Bloomberg


Mass Attorney General Announces Candidacy for Kennedy Seat: FoxNews

It's Paid Political Advertising! No I'm not talking about Obama, I'm talking about Bush

I have one thing to ask the left-wing...Why is it "Paid Political Advertising" with a Republican President and not with a Democrat?

My momma would tell me to not say this next thing, but I'm throwing it out there for all of cyberspace.

Shut UP you radical left-wing socialist, Marxist, communist lying pricks!

Flashback 1991: Gephardt Called Bush's Speech to Students 'Paid Political Advertising'

By Noel Sheppard
September 3, 2009

As Barack Obama prepares a nationwide broadcast to America's students next Tuesday, it has been revealed that Democrats complained in 1991 when then President George H. W. Bush broadcast a speech from a Northwest Washington junior high school.

In fact, the House Majority leader at the time, Dick Gephardt (D-Mo.), said "The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the president, it should be helping us to produce smarter students."

Such was reported by the Washington Post on October 3, 1991 (h/t KY3 Political Notebook via Chuck Todd):

House Democrats criticized President Bush yesterday for using Education Department funds to produce and broadcast a speech that he made Tuesday at a Northwest Washington junior high school.

The Democratic critics accused Bush of turning government money for education to his own political use, namely, an ongoing effort to inoculate himself against their charges of inattention to domestic issues. The speech at Alice Deal Junior High School, broadcast live on radio and television, urged students to study hard, avoid drugs and turn in troublemakers.

"The Department of Education should not be producing paid political advertising for the president, it should be helping us to produce smarter students," House Majority Leader Richard A. Gephardt (D-Mo.) said. "And the president should be doing more about education than saying, 'Lights, camera, action.' "

Two House committees demanded that the department explain the use of its funds for the speech, an explanation that Deputy Secretary David T. Kearns provided late in the day in a letter to Rep. William D. Ford (D-Mich.), chairman of the House Education and Labor Committee. Education Secretary Lamar Alexander was out of town. [...]

Rep. Patricia Schroeder (D-Colo.), chairwoman of the Select Committee on Children, Youth and Families, said it was outrageous for the White House to "start using precious dollars for campaigns" when "we are struggling for every silly dime we can get" for education programs.

Rep. Martin Frost (D-Tex.) said that if Bush feels obliged to use government funds to hire outside consultants "to make him look good," then he should fire some of the public relations experts on the White House payroll. "Then the president might be more sympathetic to unemployment benefits," Frost said, referring to Bush's threat to veto legislation to extend benefits.

Makes one wonder if today's media, with the economy in what they've repeatedly called the worst recession since the Great Depression, will question Obama's use of education funds for his upcoming speech.

After all, when you look at Education Secretary Arne Duncan's letter concerning this event, one has to assume it's costing the Department a great deal of money.

The SCARIEST & Most IMPORTANT thing I have posted

This is blatant propaganda.

I don't have words for this video except to say that it made me a little nauseous and at the same time happy that I don't have children right now. I've included the video, then further below an articles about a school in Utah that showed this video to the student body.

This is blatantly pushing the leftist agendas and promoting some unnatural service to Obama...I was scared before, but this has just completely and utterly frightened me!


  • One thing that no one points out in the article below is the line where someone says "be nicer to strangers"..that is a great thing for a 8 year old to hear! Are we teaching our children to talk to strangers now? Haven't we learned anything about child predators?

Parents upset over 'leftist propaganda' video

by Lisa Schnecker

A school principal has apologized for showing a video at an assembly that a politically conservative group leader is calling "radical, leftist propaganda."

Children at Eagle Bay Elementary School in Farmington were shown a short video called "I pledge" on Aug. 28. The video opens with an image of President Barack Obama and part of a speech in which he says, "Let us summon a new spirit of patriotism, of responsibility where each of us resolves to pitch in and work harder and look after not only ourselves but each other." The video then features celebrities making pledges about how they will help the president and the world -- and that's where some say the problem lies.

Many pledges, such as supporting local food banks, smiling more, and caring for the elderly are noncontroversial. But other pledges, such as "to never give anyone the finger when I'm driving again," "to sell my obnoxious car and buy a hybrid" and to advance stem cell research cross the line, some say.

"Showing the video in a public school is completely inappropriate," said Jennifer Cieslewicz, whose daughter is a first-grader at the school. "I don't believe a video such as this that promotes certain values should be shown to elementary students, especially without parents being aware. "

Chris Williams, Davis School District spokesman, said school principal Ofelia Wade and school PTA leaders decided to show the video as part of an assembly about the school's theme for the year, service. He said the PTA board chose the video and Wade did not see it before it was shown in the assembly.

"It got to a point where she turned to her assistant and said, 'Oops, I wish I would have seen this before. I don't think I would have shown it,' " Williams said. He said Wade could see how some adults might find the video political.

"She acknowledges she was wrong and apologizes for it and says she's sorry," Williams said. Attempts to reach school PTA leaders Tuesday evening were unsuccessful.

Williams said Wade plans to send a letter home to parents Wednesday about the issue.

Gayle Ruzicka, president of conservative Utah Eagle Forum, said the video was blatantly political. She said other offensive pledges included, "I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama," "I pledge allegiance to the funk, to the united funk of funkadelica," and pledges to not use plastic grocery bags and not flush the toilet after urinating.

"It's very inappropriate to show a radical, leftist propaganda piece that political to children," Ruzicka said. "If parents want their children to learn about those things and do them in the home, wonderful, fine, but it's not the place of the school to show a one-sided propaganda piece to children without parents knowing about it."

Cieslewicz said such values should be decided in the home, not at school.

"They shouldn't be troubling our youth with the woes of the world and making them feel like we're in slavery or they have to worry about how many times they flush the toilet or if they have a plastic water bottle," Cieslewicz said, referring to pledges in the video to "end slavery."

Ruzicka said she contacted local media about the video after receiving complaints from several parents. Ruzicka said she worried the video's messages would confuse children whose parents might choose to use plastic bags when shopping or who want their children to flush the toilet after every use. Also she said she didn't like a pledge "to be of service to Barack Obama" as he is here to serve Americans, not the other way around.

Ruzicka said she'd like to see the school district send a link to the video to all parents before an upcoming back-to-school night so they can voice their opinions and discuss it with their children. Williams said it's unlikely the district will send out a link, but parents are welcome to access the video on YouTube.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Obama Celebrating Ramadan: Obama found a pet dog faster than a New Church

From Real Clear Politics:

A noteworthy update to President Obama's light schedule this week, considering the rumors about his religion that lingered throughout the 2008 campaign. From the White House guidance for Tuesday:

"In the evening, the President will host a dinner celebrating Ramadan and highlight the contributions of American Muslims in the State Dining Room. The President's remarks will be pooled press."


Does anyone know what church Obama attends in D.C? Since leaving his church in Chicago with his pastor Reverend Wright, Has Obama found a church in his new home base?

It took Obama a shorter amount of time to find a pet for his family than it has for him to find a church. Still waiting Mr. President.

Here are some issues I see with this.
A. Obama spent 20 years in a church that preached Black Liberation Theology
B. Obama has not really clearly defined his relationship with the Muslim religion. His childhood background is undoubtedly shrouded in Islamic mystery.
C. America is at war with Islam, at least the part of Islam that hates us.

I'm tired of being "PC"! PC is another way of saying pitful coward!!

Lets see if Obama holds a dinner for the end of Lent or Passover.

Jillian Bandes Visits the Town Hall Meeting of Rep. Steny Hoyer

Full on "War Painted" Republican Reports from a Town Hall Meeting with some comical and insightful commentary...

Fox Flashback: Sept 2 (Greta)

In His Own Words

Green Job Czar, Van Jones was asked how Republican's were able to get things through when they didn't have the majority in Congress and he responded, "The answer to that is, they are assholes...pause, laughter...and Barack Obama is not an asshole..." (Feb 2009)

So, A.) he is an inappropriate, unprofessional ass himself and B.) an idiot because he goes on to compare them to Barack Obama, which wasn't even the question. duh!

He released a statement to Politico, "These comments, made before I joined the administration, were clearly inappropriate and I apologize for the offensive words I chose to use during that speech."

Just because he apologizes doesn't make it right. It is pretty clear what his views are on the GOP and that pretty much kills the bipartisan front. And this man is in charge of how much money? What is he doing again? Righhht we don't know because he isn't "responsible" to us.


Tea Party Express

  • 16 day Road Trip coast to coast starting in California, ending in Washington, D.C. on September 12th for the March on Washington.
  • El Paso, Texas, Day 6, 10th stop on the tour
  • They have traveled 1,800 miles so far. The bus is wireless equipped and they blog, contact the press and finalize tea party plans while traveling. There are organizers, blogger and press traveling on the bus.
  • Some signs:
    A nation of Sheep, Produces a Government of Wolves
    America needs Hope and Change, Its called Term Limits
    I'm wee-weed up because Obama wants to Poo-poo on my Healthcare
    This is not Astroturf because Astroturf doesn't grow like this does
Click here to see if the Tea Party Express will be coming to you soon.

Classroom Controversy: Education or Indoctrination

  • Obama will be addressing student across teh country on an internet broadcast on Tuesday of next week.
  • The Department of Education said that the speech is meant to encourage student to stay in school.
  • Here is the controversy: A lesson plan came out with suggested activities for Pre-K-6th grade teacher. Activities to accompany President Obama's speech. One of them advise that the student to write letter to themselves to ask themselves what they can do to help President Obama.
Excerpt from the Original, Unchanged Version:
  • Why is it important that we listen to the President and other elected officials, like the mayor, senators, members of congress, or the governor? Why is what they say important?
  • As students listen to the speech, they could think about the following: What is the President trying to tell me? What is the President asking me to do? What new ideas and actions is the President challenging me to think about?
  • Write letter about what they can do to help the president. These would be collected and redistributed at an appropriate later date by the teacher to make students accountable to their goals.
  • This document is written with a clear tenor that every student would approve and believe what Obama is saying. There are no questions about whether they believe Obama or agree with him.
  • Guest: It definitely seems like they are trying to get students to get public school student's to talk about how great our President is and there are many people outraged at public funds going towards this...

  • 73 to 50, Scottish Parliament voted to condemn their own government for the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

CNN Polling Catches up with the Rest of the Country

Who am I?

I was born in one country, raised in another. My father was born in a different country than where I was raised. I was not his only child. He fathered several children with numerous women. I became very close to my mother, as my father showed no interest in me. My mother died at an early age from cancer.

I claim to practice Christianity, as it was widely accepted in my country, but I practiced non-traditional beliefs and didn't follow Christianity, except in the public eye under scrutiny.

I worked and lived among lower-class people as a young adult, disguising myself as someone who really cared about them. That was before I decided it was time to get serious about my life and I embarked on a new career.

I wrote a book about my struggles growing up. It was clear to those who read my memoirs that I had difficulties accepting that my father abandoned me as a child.

I became active in local politics in my 30's then with help behind the scenes, I literally burst onto the scene as a candidate for national office in my 40s. They said I had a golden tongue and could talk anyone into anything.

I had a virtually non-existent resume, little work history, and no experience in leading a single organization. Yet I was a powerful speaker and citizens were drawn to me. I drew incredibly large crowds during my public appearances.

At first, my political campaign focused on my country's foreign policy. I was very critical of my country in the last war and seized every opportunity to bash my country. But what launched my rise to national prominence were my views on the country's economy. I pretended to have a really good plan on how we could do better and every poor person would be fed and housed for free.

I knew which group was responsible for getting us into this mess. It was the free market, banks and corporations. I decided to start making citizens hate them and if they were envious of others who did well, the plan was clinched tight.

I was the surprise candidate because I emerged from outside the traditional path of politics and was able to gain widespread popular support.

I knew that, if I merely offered the people 'hope' , together we could change our country and the world. So, I started to make my speeches sound like they were on behalf of the downtrodden, poor, ignorant.

My true views were not widely known and I needed to keep them unknown, until after I became my nation's leader.

I had to carefully guard reality, as anybody could have easily found out what I really believed, if they had simply read my writings and examined those people I associated with. I'm glad they didn't.

Who am I?



Scary isn't it?


NOW, here are some thing that I want to say about this riddle.

I am not implying that Obama is the horrible murder that Hitler was.
I don't pretend that Obama is the only other person in the world that fit's these criteria.
I'm not implying that Obama is trying to create some Holocaust, master race.
I'm not saying that Obama is Hitler but rather posses some similar qualities.

I am implying that Obama's upbringing is similar to Hitler.
I am implying that Obama didn't have much leadership experiences, like Hitler
I am implying that Obama does not truly believe in Christianity, like Hitler.
I am implying that Obama is trying to vilify successful people and private business, like Hitler.
I am implying that Obama has good public speaking skills (with teleprompter of course)
I am implying that Obama has many people fooled about who he really is and what he really supports and believes in, like Hitler.

I didn't originate this little riddle but I did edit it a bit getting rid of the facts I couldn't find when doing research. I find it a little scary that there are so many similarities between the background and political history of Hiter and Obama. Do your own research. Make your own judgments. Become informed and I hope you can prove me wrong.

A Cuban-American's History Lesson for Diane Watson:

Castro must have given Watson some Materva (aka Cuban Kool-Aid) because she has a terribly distorted view of Cuban history. The beginning of this audio has Watson talking about our "philosophical leader" Rush and how people are trying sabotage the first president we've had "that looks like me [Waston]". Then she goes on to talk about what a brilliant leader Fidel Castro is! (1 min, 49 sec) Contrary to Watson's comment, Fidel did have plenty of blood on his hands before and after he took control of Cuba. She has no idea about the real history of Cuba...after the video, I'll go ahead and give you some juicy information.

On a personal note, both my parent's were born in Cuba. All my grandparent were active aware citizens during the Cuban Revolution and their lives were greatly affected by the communist dictator, Fidel Castro. Here is the way that the Cuban Revolution went down according to the things that I know, learned and heard around the dining room table.

Batista (who served 1 term as president of Cuba in the 1940's) was in office when Fidel took over. In 1952 Batista staged a military coup and took over the government 2 months before the democratic election took place. Under Batista's rule Cuba started to delve into gambling and prostitution, but there were still most of the freedoms we have here in the U.S. today. Fidel would come to 'liberated Cuba' from an unelected leader, but who was going to think that the liberator would be a cruel, paranoid communist.

Fidel, a young lawyer from a wealthy family, led an attack on some barracks near Santiago de Cuba in 1953. It failed miserably and Castro ended up going to jail for only 3 of his 15 year sentence. In 1956 he was released and went into exile in Mexico, which is where Ernesto 'Che' Guevara came into the picture. Now Che is not the hero that so many make him out to be. He doesn't deserve to be on any t-shirt or poster because he is not a man to be idealized. He was a Marxist revolutionary, but he was also a rapist, murder, a thief. A common thug elevated to a God-like status among idealistic youths.

While in Mexico, Fidel organized the Movimiento 26, de Julio (26th of July Movement) where a group of men sailed over to Cuba to overthrow Batista. (Sidenote: I found out later in life that July 26th was my original due date and my grandfather told my mom to hold her legs together if she went into labor that day, fortunately I was late) Not surprisingly, most of the men were killed. Yet Che, Fidel and a dozen or so men escaped to Sierra Maestra mountains where they hid out for years, collecting disenfranchised men into an eager militia. For the next two years, Fidel was idolized by many Cubans. Many people believed in his cause because he claimed to want to restore Cuba to the old democracy.Many people were hopeful that Fidel would bring about the change they needed. Sound familiar??

Another sidenote, specifically my maternal grandfather was not blinded by Fidel's "change". He was very vocal about his disapproval of "la revolucion" and beyond being very vocal , he wrote a lot of commentaries that would later lead him to have to be flagged by the new regime. Eventually my grandparents had to sneak out of the country to avoid being torn apart by Fidel's purging of 'anti-revolutionary' minds. They didn't have internet in 1959, but does any of this sound remotely familiar?

Fidel and Che's guerrilla warfare grew exponentially in everything from attacks on Batista's men to advances like Radio Rebelde, a revolutionary radio station where Fidel first gave his addresses' to the people of Cuba. Fidel's had fewer men than the Cuban army but they were better trained and knew their surroundings, the mountains, remarkably well.

On December 31, 1958 the city of Santa Clara was captured by Fidel's men. Batista panicked and fled the country. I can hear my grandmother's voice now, "el primero de enero de ano 59, Fidel entro a la capital, y todavia no se ha ido." Fidel marched into Havana and seized power, sans oppositions on July 1, 1959. He was received like a Messiah. In reality he didn't arrive until the 8th but whose counting.

Since he didn't come right out and say that he was a communist, even appointing another man President for a while, most people were hopeful that Fidel would be the change they needed. But all too soon, Fidel took over and started to make changes pretty quickly.

Within just a couple years, life in Cuba had drastically changed. Here are some of the main changes he made to restrict freedom and competition: (I'm saying change a lot--I feel like Barry O!)

  • Purged (aka killed) political opponents from the administration
  • Groups such as labor unions were made illegal.
  • Within the year all opposition newspapers had been closed down and all radio and television stations were in state control.
  • Private Companies were confiscated
  • Teachers and professors were purged.
  • The Communist Party strengthened its one-party rule, with Castro as the supreme leader.
  • Moderates were arrested.
  • Neighborhood watch systems known as committees for the defense of the revolution (CDR) were created so on every block there was at least one resident that would "report fishy activity"...hmmmm
  • The Communist party remains the only recognized political party in Cuba.
  • Other parties, though not illegal, are unable to campaign or conduct any activities on the island that could be deemed counter-revolutionary.
No wonder there have been so many exodus' from Cuba! Things have only become worse over the years, including lack of parental choice when it comes to raising their own children. Around the age of 15 children are taken away to work in the sugar cane fields where many rapes and young pregnancies occur. Most recently the country has run out of toilet paper and won't be receiving another shipment until next year. Banana leaves?

Is this the kind of place that should be idolized? Would you want to visit a doctor in one of those hospitals?

In the early 1990's I had a great-aunt go to the doctor (in Cuba) and he found a lump in her breast. Do you think she got a mammogram? Nope! The only machine in Havana was broken. So without knowing if it was cancer or not, they doctor performed a mastectomy.

Now, she was already a little older, but the same things happen to women of all ages during that time. Can you imagine being in that situation? No ability to know if you have cancer or not. As a woman I can't imagine going through all the emotional and hormonal changes, still not knowing if they got all the cancer. Not knowing if I should still worry. You loose such a big part of yourself, but you loose a lot more than flesh.

My whole life I've heard about the atrocities of Cuban life not only from my family and friends but from my nail lady, from the hair dresser, from the doctor, the lawyer, the mayor. Cuba is such a little island compared to the United States and yet there are so many Cubans that live here. Do you think that is by chance?

The early Cubans that came over were the middle and upper classes. The ones that foresaw the pitfalls of communism, the ones that would not benefit from this new government 'handouts'. The intellectuals, the doctors the lawyers, they wouldn't be able to live their lives in Cuba anymore. Don't think those lawyers, engineers and doctors became lawyers engineers and doctors in the United States. They became truck drivers, janitors, construction and factory workers.

But I can say with great pride and total confidence that Cuban's have made more of the American dream than any other Hispanic group up to this date. First-, Second-Generation Cubans are now members of the same professions and economic status' of their fathers and grandfathers. Just look at me, I'm a first generation American and I have graduated college and am going to law school. I have aunts and cousins who have PhD. Friends who own their own successful companies.

To make my point, as many Communist countries do, Cuba has gone indoctrinating its citizens and so as generation after generation arrives here they are perpetually more lazy and more dependent upon the government. They expect the government to give them everything they need because that is all they've ever known. Sound a little familiar? But that is not the true Cuban mentality, it is a mentality that has been warped by 50 years of communism.

At the very core of a Cuban's heart is pride, in themselves, in their work and their country. Us Cuban-Americans are fiercely prideful of where we come from, but we are just as proud of where we are. The country that adopted the refugees, the saddened, the demoralized and gave them the opportunity to be intellectuals and professionals again. Gave them the opportunity to educate and improve thier lives tenfold.

Yet here we are standing next to so many other Americans' facing a time in our adopted countries history where people are hoping for change. Sound familiar? I know that so many of us worry that we the people have chosen the wrong kind of change. Sound familiar? Beware. I plead with Americans, don't let your desire for change lead you down a path to a place you no longer recognize.


For a great look at what the Cuban Revolution looked like from inside,

check out a film by the name of The Lost City with Cuban-born actor Andy Garcia

Townhall Cartoons...they speak for themselves

My Personal Favorite:

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Articles Spotlight: 9/1

Clear and Present Danger? : Fox News: The Muslim girl,Rifqa, who ran away from her family after becoming a Christian in fear of being victim of honor killing. Her families Mosque has been discovered to be linked to Terrorist Organizations like Hamas and Al-Qaeda.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll -11 or 45%

Health Care Debate:
Lawmaker Labels Obamacare Foes Racist: FoxNews
Health Care Reform Anger Has Deeper Roots: Wall Street Journal
Obama Faces Calls to Grab Health Care Reins From Congress: FoxNews
Reid: Teddy's dealth "Going to Help Us": Politico
President Obama's Address to Students Across America, Sept 8:


Dealers Still Waiting for Clunker Cash:
Car Dealers Still Waiting on 'Clunker' Cash: CBS Chicago
AFL-CIO, Dems push new Wall Street tax: The Hill
Whose in charge? The Unions or the Government? This is ridiculous! Right, lets punish big business and ruin the stock market of this country so we can spend more money. This isn't even to pay off the deficit!

Senate Dems Push Back Climate Measure Schedule: Bloomberg


Disgraced former NY Gov. Spitzer Eyeing Possible Run for Office: FoxNews
House Reverses Decision to Drop Patriotic Songs From On-Hold Music: FoxNews
White House Fires Back After Cheney Calls CIA Probe 'Political': FoxNews
White House blasts Cheney in Interrogation Feud: Breitbart

Foreign Affairs:

Oversight Group Reports Security Flaws at U.S. Embassy in Kabul: FoxNews
Lockerbie Letters: No Reason Not to Release Bomber: FoxNews
Obama aids see need for more troops in Afghanistan: Reuters
U.S. NATO must change to win Afghan war says commander: Reuters

Carrie Prejean Files Discrimination Suit Against Miss California Organization: FoxNews
Seller, beware: Feds cracking down on Secondhand Sales of Some Products:

The Seniors Bill of Rights by the GOP

Click here to find out more information and support for the facts you see in this video

Here are the basic ideas seen in the Seniors Bill of Rights:
  • Protect Medicare and Not Cut it in the Name of Health Care Reform
  • Prohibit Government from Getting Between Seniors and their Doctors
  • Prohibit Efforts to Ration Health Care Based on Age
  • Prevent Government From Interfering with End-of-Life Discussions
  • Ensure Seniors Can Keep their Current Coverage
  • Protect Veterans by Preserving Tricare and Other Benefit Programs for Military Families

Video: Congresswomen Denies Czars

Once again we have a great example of a misinformed Congresswoman who refuses to answer a question. In the video she says that the American people aren't stupid enough to elect communist, socialist etc...ha! What we aren't too stupid for is to see that those we did put in office are now giving power to those socialist and communist etc.

Feminist For Life of America Video: Exposing Coersion

Check out more information at the Feminist for Life website

Also for more information check out the e-course, Pro-Life Answers to Pro-Choice Questions
  • In these series of questions FFL President Serin Foster addresses the main pro-choice arguments. Foster describes FFL's mission saying, "We have an independent steak. When Planned Parenthood's research arm, the Guttmacher Institute, revealed the long list of reasons that were cited by women who had abortions--primary lack of resources and support--we said this is our task list. Abortion is a reflection that we haven't met the needs of women, and women deserve better."

200 Days, 200 Claims: The RNC's Report on Obama's Failed Promises

A Special RNC Research Report On
President Obama’s Failed Economic Experiment

To read the full report, visit Here

RNC Chairman Michael Steele: “It is appropriate on the 200th day of the stimulus to look back at exactly what the stimulus has accomplished. The answer is very little. What it has done, however, is give the American people a $787 billion bill they cannot afford. In this report, you will find 200 claims that President Barack Obama, Vice President Joe Biden, senior Administration officials and Congressional Democrats have made about the stimulus. None of these claims match reality.” (RNC Research, 200 Days, 200 Claims, 8/31/09)


On February 17, 2009, President Obama signed into law the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, often referred to as the “stimulus.” As members of Congress debated the bill and in the time following its inception, there were countless promises made to the American people regarding exactly what the bill would deliver. The mantra of “jobs, jobs, jobs” was used repeatedly to sell the stimulus. While it’s impossible to calculate the number of jobs “created or saved” by the stimulus, we do know that since the stimulus was passed over 2.2 million jobs have been lost nationwide.

As we approach September 4, 2009, the 200th day since the stimulus package was signed into law, the Research Department of the Republican National Committee (RNC) has identified and reviewed 200 of the claims made by the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats who supported this massive economic experiment. The RNC’s research focuses on promises made to the American people on job creation, waste, prevention, targeted spending, transparency, and how the stimulus would bring about an economic recovery. The resulting report, “200 Days, 200 Claims,” holds Democrats accountable for their claims that the stimulus was an absolute necessity to “jolt” the economy. They used this and other claims to quickly force through one of the largest spending bills in American history. Now Americans will see how valid those claims are 200 days later.

Among the misleading claims debunked in this report are these oft-repeated and echoed talking points:

  • The stimulus would create 3.5 million jobs and starting do so immediately; Instead, over 2.2 million Americans have lost their jobs since the stimulus bill was signed into law.
  • The money would be spent carefully, effectively, and transparently; Instead, we have seen the money squandered on such projects as the $18 million overhaul of the Administration’s stimulus-promoting website and the GAO has said there is no effective system in place to monitor the spending.
  • And, lastly, the stimulus is working as promised and according to plan; Instead, the unemployment rate has far exceeded even the Administration’s projection if we did not pass their stimulus bill.

Not surprisingly, the American people are not buying these and other Democrat claims. No wonder a recent USA Today/Gallup poll found that nearly 6 in 10 Americans believe the stimulus is having no impact on the economy and won’t help in the years to come. As the reality behind these 200 claims demonstrate, Americans are too smart to be misled.

To read the full report, visit HERE

Monday, August 31, 2009

Chick Chat: Truth will set you free right?

Every once in a while I can't help but feel discouraged with the direction this country is going. I spend most of my free time researching, reading, writing about these major issues going on and yet I still feel completely helpless. Even going to the protests and the meetings, I still feel helpless. Every couple of weeks I start watching the news and see the spending and the socialism creeping up and I feel like I am swimming against the current and going absolutely no where. Because this isn’t about health care or spending, it’s about dependency, control and accepting all those things that are morally repugnant.

I never thought I would say this, but I can sympathies with the liberals who truly hated Bush. They would look at this and say stop whining because we had to put up with your idiot for 8 years. My problem is that I often wonder if we would survive another 4/8 years of this. I know Bush made mistakes during his presidency but I at least felt safe. Safe from foreign attacks, safe from our government and safe to speak out. I don't always feel so safe speaking out.

People in my family joke that we are all going to be thrown in a family cell one day because we are all so outspoken about our viewpoints. I'm starting to think its not that funny anymore. I don't know what will happen a few years down the road and the more research that I do, the less I feel I know.

I write this because I hope that there are more out there like me. I can't imagine I'm the only one that is tired of being on the wrong side of what is popular, what is easy, what is wealthy, what is powerful.

I take that back, the truth is powerful. "Truth will set you free" right? But where is the truth now? Is it being hidden?

Truth...Come out, come out, wherever you are!!

I just hope that the truth can overcome the layers and layers of bureaucracy and corruption. I’m not particularly religious person, but tonight I'll say an extra prayer for America.

I pray that we are given the strength to search for the truth. I pray that we are given the strength to spread the truth we uncover. I pray that we are given the strength to live by the principles of the truth we seek. I pray that those who need to hear the truth give us their attention. I pray that He doesn’t abandon America as we face our greatest threat yet. I pray that He hasn’t abandoned us already in our progressive secularization.I pray that we are given His guidance as we continue the ideological battle in which we are embroiled. I pray for His blessings.

Everyday Normal Republicans

Articles Spotlight: 8/31

57% Would like to Replace Entire Congress

Obama ends frenetic vacation: Breitbart

Health Care:
GOP Senator signals fading hopes on health care: AP
Police: Health Care Reform used as NY crime Ploy: Newsday
New flu hit estimated 10% of New Yorkers: Reuters
Clinton, Gore speak on health care, energy to Tenn Dems: Commercial Appeal

Meltdown 101: Why banks' struggles have worsened: Yahoo Finance
Regulators Shutter Three U.S. Banks, Bringing 2009 Toll to 84: Bloomberg
Commercial Real Estate Lurks as Next Potential Mortgage Crisis: Wall Street Journal
Orange County Register Filing for Chapter 11: Newsmax

Foreign Events/Affairs:
Gahafi Slammed at New Jersey Rally: Newsmax
Cheney: I Might Not Cooperate with Probe: Newsmax
Pakistan reality TV contestan, Saad Khan drowns performing challenge: TimesOnline
Japan Democrats take power, tough challenges loom: Reuters

Strike force formed to save communications towers: Daily News LA
Station fire claims 2 firefighters, 18 homes: LA Times


Slow Start: No Rush for Same-Sex Weddings in Vt.: Newsmax
Cheney Admits He and Bush Disagreed at Times: Newsmax

Great little Video by Sophia Elena: Who Does Your Senator Work For?

Video: Dick Cheney - Obama & Holder's Political "Witch Hunt" Against The CIA !!!

Click here for more video's of Dick Cheney's interview.

Chick Chat: Living life with the liberty to pursue happiness

The Bill:
Cybersecurity Act of 2009

Original Article:
Bill would give Obama power to shut down internet, networks during cyber attack: NetworkWorld

Updated Article:
Bill would give president emergency control of Internet: CNETNews


Cybersecurity Act of 2009 : Directs the President to establish or designate a Cybersecurity Advisory Panel to advise the President. Private networks could be shut down by government order and would be regulated by government mandated security standards and technical configurations


This is an extremely scary thought. One of our basic rights is the freedom of speech and although Jefferson could not have conceived of the notion of the internet, it has become a staple part of the American conversation. What is scary is that there doesn't seem to be a clear definition of the"national security" reasons to shut down the internet. Also frightening is the fact that Obama will be putting together this Advisory Panel and they will report directly to him. Now considering teh wonderful job he has done of choosing socialist, anti-capitalist and communist to his current Czar-asters, I'M WORRIED! (Thanks to Glenn for Czar-asters info- check out posts about him)

What is there stopping this panel from deciding that people who speak out against our President or Congress aren't creating some sort of national security issue. There are plenty of ways to twist and turn people's concerns into some sort of evil plan. I personally don't like Barry O, but I wish him no harm. Especially since we have the dimwitted spill-national-security-secrets-Biden as the other option. Could you imagine how awful he would be as President?? God we would be blown up within a year because he would accidentally tell our enemies the codes to all our nukes.

Moving on, this issue is really quite a concern. It's not quite as much at the forefront as health care in all the news medias or in people's minds yet. But it poses a big threat to the health care debate, when people start to hear more about this there is going to be some major backlash on the internet, if there isn't already! That, conveniently, moves the debate away from health care.

However, the health care debate is (to me) about a lot more than just MRI's and gov't funded abortions. It's about the basic principles of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Living life with the liberty to pursue happiness in whatever way we so desire. For me that means holding on to my freedom from government control, so I will continue to pursue my life with my liberties until I am labeled a national threat for my "un-American, racist" viewpoints.

I took a mental health day today to enjoy some shopping, panara and family time, but I will be back tomorrow with some good info, articles, cartoons, videos etc.

Less than two weeks until the Tea Party Protest in Washington D.C. !! Get excited!!!