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Chick Chat: ObamaCare Yay Or Nay? The Truth About Canada!

Comedian Steve Crowder goes undercover as a Canadian in need of some health care. Telling and funny at the same time

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While this videos logic is a little flawed it does make some good point.

Yes you wait a long time in the U.S. when you go into the emergency room BUT you can go to places like the minute clinic or an urgent care facility.

Last year I was visiting my cousin in Memphis when her 2 year old son started suffering from a really bad cold. He was holding his ear a lot and so we decided to take him to the minute clinic instead of the doctor/hospital. It took about 25-30 minutes from start to finish at the minute clinic and the cost was minimal.

Most private insurance plans cover urgent care facilities, but even if you have to pay, the cost is much more reasonable than $900 just to see a doctor.

This past April I went outside to walk my dog when I tripped and fell. I've never been in so much pain in my life. We had to call fire rescue to come help me to the car because I had hurt BOTH ankles. Although I was perfectly convinced they were broken rescue said they were probably sprains and recommended that I go to an urgent care facility near my house. When I arrived at urgent care I was in the waiting room for approx. 15 minutes before I was taken in, x-rayed and seen by a doctor all in the next hour and a half. The problem with Obamacare is that these private options will become obsolete because of high taxes and government regulations.

An issue with this video is that it seems like he is comparing US and Canadian emergency rooms. BUT in reality the other places he visits are clinics where he is trying to do a simple blood test. It is in those locations that he learns that there are 2-3 year waits to get a family doctor.

Obama can say you won't have to change your doctor all he want, but the evidence is that a government option will kill private business, leading to the bad health care, long wait times and the care rationing we see in this video. There is no way to compete when the government can print money & raise taxes all they want.

It is also a gross misrepresentation that this is going to be an OPTION. If you do not have health care, you will be forced onto the public plan. If you loose you health care with your employer, you go on the public plan. So you can keep your doctor, keep your insurance as long as your company provides the insurance. Those who currently have private individual coverage won't be able to change it. Nor will those who leave a company to work for themselves be free to buy individual plans from private carriers.

Some argue it is an option because you will "buy either the public or one of the private plans through the new exchange (like a stock exchange)". Others argue that the bill doesn't explicitly state that you will be forced onto a plan.

Well, that is just fine but what if you don't want health care? What I have been able to sift through is telling me that if you are eligible for Medicaid you are indeed forced onto the public option. (Sec 205) pg 102. Now who set regulations for Medicaid?

Also, companies are basically forced to provided health care either through private or public insurers. They are required to auto enroll individuals unless said individual affirmatively opts out. Employers who refuse to offer health insurance will be taxed 2 - 8% on their payroll. And people who do not have or buy “acceptable coverage” (per government definition) must pay 2.5% of their income to the government (Sec. 401)

So the truth is that you will be forced onto health care one way or another. That is their goal, government control!

Now remember, everyone will pay for this with major tax increase. As I talked about in another post, in HR 3200 on pg. 198 it says that funds for the new program will come from Medicare. It ALSO says that "taxes will automatically increase if saving is not achieved". Now, since Medicare is basically broke (admitted by Obama himself) this provision will go into effect. We will be facing a 600 billion tax increase, all hidden in this bill.

Speaking out against this doesn't make me hateful or racist. I agree we need reform, but not a complete overhaul of the best system in the world. While many other socialized health care systems are moving away from it, we are flying blindly towards it. It is a liberal lie to say we need to join the rest of the world with the our health care system. We have some of the best health care in the world and what we need is TORT reform. Insurance reform. not care reform.

Comedian goes Undercover Liberal

Comedian Steve Crowder goes undercover as a liberal. Funny guy, hope to bring more videos in the future!

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Chick Chat: Loosing Sight

Okay so, lets play a game. I'm going to present a scenario and then you are going to answer the question at the end...
  • Wealthy family of four just built a several million dollar home in S. Florida sans eco friendly features. They like to travel to their vacation house in the Florida Keys (also new), hunting lodge (also new) in the mid-west, land/small cabin in Alaska and a trailer in rural Florida. The husband and children are regular hunters in their vacation homes. Regular fishermen in their Florida homes. If they are staying at a hotel don't ask them to use the same towel two days in a row. They've take several trips to safari hunts in Africa. The husband drives to work in his Hummer and the mother is a stay-at-home mom. The mother spends her day cooking, cleaning and driving her kids to their extremely elite private school in her Mercedes SUV. The mother serves her husband first, catering to his and her children every need but don't ask for leftovers because she throws them out.
Now is this family conservative or liberal??

Are they elitist Republicans who need to be brought down a notch or two? Are their houses, cars, boats, etc eco-friendly or gas guzzlers? Are they anti- or pro-gun rights? Does the mother exhibit feminist ideals or is she embracing traditional gender roles?

What do you think? Conservatives? Liberals? Conservatives? Liberals?

Obviously this is a snip-it of their lives but don't they sound a stereotypical wealthy, gun-totting, elitist Republican family.

So, what if I told you that the husbands a lawyer? What if I told you that she believed that when people get hurt because of personal irresponsibility, they are within their full right to sue? What if they forced their teenage niece to go on birth control?

What if I told you that they were friends with Joe Biden and his "lovely" family?

I think you probably know the answer now. This family is indeed liberal. Not just a little liberal too, they are extremely to the left. But what I find so comical is that they don't live their lives adhering to the many "principles" that the left clings too.

They hunt. They aren't eco-friendly. They don't let the young women in their own family have a choice about their bodies. They cling to the image of the 1950's housewife fiercely.

So question, why are they liberal?

Here is an idea, how about the circles they run in, the bank account they use, affords them that ability.

If you remember back to my Chick Chat: Party of Control I discussed how the Dem party has become just as elitist as the Republican's are labeled to be. I talked about how the wealthy can afford to be idealistic.

Well, this just is another example of how wealth give you the ability to be so idealist that you think you can take care of everyone. This family is not a bad family. They are friends and they are good people. But they are so blinded by idealism that they don't see what is around them. They don't see people who are unable to survive a tax increase. They don't see that fundamental change is not what the American people need or want.

I may kick myself a few years from now, but I hope I never have so much money that I loose sight of the America's face, can't hear the beat of America's heart or forget taste of American freedom.

Tea Party Buycott! Awesome!

There won't be a lot of new post's tonight and tomorrow but I will be finishing the highlights from the Glenn Beck series this week. Then I have a Chick Chat coming your way soon!

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Glenn Beck's The New Republic: America's Future 8/28

Beck is doing a series this week called, The New Republic: America's Future. He will ask the hard questions and talk about the things that no one is talking about. He makes sure to point out that "this show is an opinion show."

I will do my best to detail at least some of the key information that he covers, even if its not on "time" and place the youtube clips below for more detailed information.

Beck does an amazing job of putting a million details into a 1 hour programs and it is sometimes impossible to get everything! So don't forget to tune in all this week at 5 pm on Fox to watch The Glenn Beck program.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Glenn Beck's The New Republic: America's Future 8/27 (updated)

Beck is doing a series this week called, The New Republic: America's Future. He will ask the hard questions and talk about the things that no one is talking about. He makes sure to point out that "this show is an opinion show."

I will do my best to detail at least some of the key information that he covers, even if its not on "time" and place the youtube clips below for more detailed information.

Beck does an amazing job of putting a million details into a 1 hour programs and it is sometimes impossible to get everything! So don't forget to tune in all this week at 5 pm on Fox to watch The Glenn Beck program.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6


Day 4

  • Why do we need a civilian force?

  • Who is posing a threat to us?

  • Who will this "force" be made up of?

  • Who is the real enemy?

  • Does the president know of a coming event? If not, who builds an army against an unrecognized enemy?

  • Why won't the media get off their butts and look into these radicals in the White House? And into this civilian army?

Glenn Beck's The New Republic: America's Future 8/26 (updated)

Beck is doing a series this week called, The New Republic: America's Future. He will ask the hard questions and talk about the things that no one is talking about. He makes sure to point out that "this show is an opinion show."

I will do my best to detail at least some of the key information that he covers, even if its not on "time" and place the youtube clips below for more detailed information.

Beck does an amazing job of putting a million details into a 1 hour programs and it is sometimes impossible to get everything! So don't forget to tune in all this week at 5 pm on Fox to watch The Glenn Beck program.

Part 1

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • Movement for a Democratic Society, 2006 founded by Communist Party...just one of the many groups involved in the bills being written.
  • White House has emailed to tell Beck to stop calling Van Jones a Czar, not address, clarify of rebuke any other of the things he has been talking about. They only thing they wanted to clarify was that Peter Orszag, Czar was approved by Senate.
  • Speak Without Fear is what he will be focusing on.
  • Evidence and New Strategy is to Silence Dissent!
  • Localism and Diversity will be how they silence public voice, not Fairness Doctrine
  • Diversity Czar, Mark Lloyd said, "It should be clear by now that my focus here is not freedom of speech or the press, This freedom is all to often an exaggeration. At the very least, blind references to freedom of speech or the press serve as a distraction from the critical examination of other communications policies."
  • Proposed that 100% tax of operating budget be given to government for public radio. If you can't pay it then your license will be revoked and given to a minority group.
  • Van Jones, "My job is not that different than before...I'm basically a community organizer inside the federal family."
Guest: Seton Motley, Communication Dir, Media Research Center
  • WATCH for Mark Lloyd Video on State Control of Media, 2008. Basically talks about how Chavez achieved his democratic advancement by controlling the media. Opposed to ANY private media ownership.
  • FCC has a new motto: diversity, competition and localism....that was put in place during Bush administration. This is not about Obama these people have been preparing for this moment for a very long time.
  • Motley: Diversity (Czar) Officer, Mark Lloyd is fundamentally opposed to private ownership of media at all.
  • Fairness Doctrine: FCC Policy that controversial subject be fair
    1985: FCC declared Fairness Doctrine wasn't working
    1987: President Reagan vetoed fairness doctrine
PERSONAL NOTE: If you drive down to key west you can hear the radio in Cuba. Sit there for a moment and listen. There is NO news! It is all propaganda. "Porque los yankees.." (translation: because those Yankee's)..then they blame the U.S. for not having toilet paper or whatever. Things in Venezuela are the same! Yet we have people in our government that want these things??? VERY SCARY!
  • Mark Lloyd: "...and social Change. In Venezuela, with Chavez, really an incredible Revolution- a Democratic Revolution- to begin to put in place saying that we're going to have impact on the people of Venezuela... the property owners and the folks who were then controlling the media in Venezuela rebelled --work frankly with folks here in the U.S. government-worked to oust him and came back and had another revolution. And Chavez then stated to take the media very seriously in this country. " (2008)

Part 2

Reasonable Question for Unreasonable Times

Guest: Seton Motley, Communication Dir, Media Research Center
  • Motley: "The New FCC Chief Diversity Officer Mark Lloyd plans is to use the nebulous regulations of diversity and localism to use alternate routs to get to the same destination as the Fairness Doctrine. Which is to shut you up by shutting you down. He want to as salt the radio industry to assault the idilogical outcome. He will do this by taxing 100% of operating cost for the year."
  • Motley: On top of that if you arent meeting his definition of media diversity and localism he wants to fine you. He has actually come up with a Media Diversity and Localism mathematical equation. There are issues with this equation because he has 4 numerator all multiplied by each other, so if you mess up one you fail and are fined. Also the way it is set up, if you hire 3 white guys that are local then that doesn't help your diversity and you fail and are fined.
  • We're only talking about race not diversity of opinion.
  • Motley: Don't forget he is working with the Diversity Panel/Committee that has about 31 organization on there and none of them are conservative. So there is certainly no ideological diversity on the Diversity Committee.
  • Lloyd: "In our report, we call for ownership of Rules that we think will create greater local diversity of programming, news and commentary and we call for more localism by putting more teeth into licensing rules."
  • Motley: Basically he wants to set up 8 Diversity Boards across the country that will regulate: Political Advertising and Commentary, number of Commercials and Ratings information about programs before they are broadcast.
Part 3

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times

Guest: Rush Limbaugh
  • Limbaugh: Sarah Palin tweeted urging people to watch this week.
    Obama doesn't like to debate his opponents he just want to obliterate them.
    It's simply Un-American what the Diversity Czar Lloyd is doing.
    Fairness Doctrine is too obvious so they are going to try to backdoor.
    Radio means to much to people so I don't think it will work. People are too informed!
  • Lloyd traces rise of conservative radio to "relaxed ownership rules"
  • Loyd worked at NBC, CNN Prior to Becoming a Communication Attorney
  • Limbaugh: Obama army isn't showing up with any passion for Obama's...Passion, Love of Country will outmaneuver fake passion. Dangerous time for freedom and liberty in this country.
  • Limbaugh: This is not politics as usual, this not democrat vs. republican, this is totalitarianism vs freedom.

Part 4

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times

Guest: Rush Limbaugh

  • Why doesn't media report this?
  • Limbaugh: Because they think that they will end up in the inside circle of this thing. I have a question: How is it that people know what is in this bill? The Media sure hadn't told them. People are informed...The effort to discredit us will always fail as long as we stay true to ourselves...I am confident that this will pass.
  • Cute little exchange between Glenn and Limbaugh
Part 5

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • There is something going on and something doesn't feel right and your freedom is at stake.
Guest: Karl Rove, Fox news Contributor
  • Beck: Lets not talk about Politics, lets talk about the Constitution
  • Rove: We face a very real dancer of changing what our country it, by centralized power in government in Washington. Everyone has had Czars, but not Czars like this.
  • Beck: No one is taking the facts of this show on. 3 million people watched the show. Not one has taken the facts apart, they've taken me apart. Why is that not a problem?
  • Rove: This president is running our country in a way no other president has ever done before. He is running the country centralized from the White House. For example, by what authority did the Car Czar fire the Board of GM? There is no precedence for that. Lloyd is a complete lunatic if he believes that Venezuela is the model to follow. Someone needs to ask these questions?
  • Rove: The White House Press Corp is largely compliant....and members of the press tell me that Gibbs doesn't respond to emails and phone calls, he just so comfortable, that he is not going to be challenge and wont deal with tough questions. That is his job.

Part 6

Day 3

  • Why does the FCC have a diversity "czar"?

  • Who is Mark Lloyd and how does he plan to "balance" the airwaves?

  • Will he bring back the Fairness Doctrine or worse?

  • Cass Sunstein once said he wants to balance the Internet; is that next?

  • Will broadcasters who leave the airwaves be allowed to go to satellite or Internet without government regulation?

  • Is there any place (that has a mass audience) where the government wont regulate free speech?

  • Why does it seem every member of the Obama advisory team hates capitalism, unless those companies (like G.E.) are in bed with the administration?

  • If Lloyd has his way, stations who don't comply to the governments definition of the "public interest" will have to pay a massive fine — that helps support public broadcasting:

  • What will be the definition of "public interest"?

  • Who defines "public interest"?

  • Why should it be balanced? Because it's public airwaves? (Well, there are public roads that go by my house and I don't count how many Republicans and Democrats are driving on them)

Glenn Beck's The New Republic: America's Future 8/25 (updated)

Beck is doing a series this week called, The New Republic: America's Future. He will ask the hard questions and talk about the things that no one is talking about. He makes sure to point out that "this show is an opinion show."

I will do my best to detail at least some of the key information that he covers, even if its not on "time" and place the youtube clips below for more detailed information.

Beck does an amazing job of putting a million details into a 1 hour programs and it is sometimes impossible to get everything! So don't forget to tune in all this week at 5 pm on Fox to watch The Glenn Beck program.

Part 1

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • Things we are talking about this week:
    Graft- ACORN style organization
    Hidden Agendas
  • Ask these honest questions of yourself and demand answers
  • Questioning gov't is required of us in order to shape a Democratic Republic
  • 3 principles: Question with Boldness, Hold to the Truth, Speak without Fear
  • Nobody wants to think that our president is a bad guy, but is he in step with you and what you think our country is.
  • White House called in middle of show previous night and told them not to call the czars, czars
  • Van Jones Old Group STORM: "All of STORMs members developed a basic understanding of and commitment to revolutionary Marxist Policies-- with a particular emphasis on the Historical Experience of 3d world communist movements."- Reclaiming Revolution, 2004
  • Obama said, you want to know what I believe, look at the people I associate with...that is what we are doing:
    That we know of there are 5 radical leftist currently advising Obama (these have been the vocal ones)
    1. Van Jones, Green Jobs Czar, Communist
    2. John Holdren, Science Czar, forced abortions, neither the Declaration of Independence nor Constitution mentions a right to reproduce.
    3. Cas Sunstien, Reglatory Czar, has proposed a bans on hunting and eating meat, dog allowed attorney, fairness doctrine for internet
    4. Carol Browner, Global Warming Czar, Part of Socialist Intentional: a group for global governments
    5. Ezekiel Emmanuel, Health Care Adviser, proponent of complete lives system, put values on lives based on age
  • Does the President know that he was in indirect contact with the other founder of the Weather Underground who bombed Federal Building? Since that man, Jeff Jones, according to Barney Frank, is now helping us write our bills, aka the Stimulus Bill.

  • "Hey, Obama has just nationalized nothing more and nothing less than General Motors. Comrade Obama! Fidel, careful or we are going to end up to his right." -Venezuelan President, Hugo Chavez, June 2, 2009
  • When the Communist President of Venezuela says something like that, and there are literally Communist Advising the President, should we be asking other questions?
Guest: Phil Kerren, Americans for Prosperity
  • Bio Jeff Jones is the NY Director of the APOLLO Alliance.
    --Co-Cofounder of Weather Underground with Bill Ayers
    --Was on the run for a decade, Arrested in 1981
    --Became Adviser for Environmental Groups
    --Became adviser for State of NY
    --Sits on advisory board for Governor Patterson

    --Member of Energy and Environment Transition Commission
    --Work Force Development Institute, advising state, local govt and universities on how to write their grants to get the stimulus money from the stimulus bill that APOLLO wrote and was passed.
  • Sidenote: Head of the Fed in NY was the former head of the AFL-CIO
  • Obama has talked about how he looked up to Marxist Professors and Marxist principles. BUT When has Obama talked about abandoning those principles??
Part 2

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • Video about who is writing these bills
  • Andy Stern, President of SEIU, "I think I can finally prove Reagan and Bush wrong, Wealth does not trickle down, it trickles up."
  • Rep. Maxine Water, May 2008, " And guess what this liberal would be all about? This liberal would be all about socializing -uh, (long uncomfortable pause)...would be about basically taking over, and the government running all of your companies."
  • Howard Dean on CNBC, " I think we've had quite enough capitalism in the last eight year, I think we need some regulation now."
  • Obama, "So today my administration is proposing a sweeping overhaul of the financial regulatory system. A transformation on a scale not seen since after the Great Depression."
  • Perhaps it was William Ayers who said it best while at an even in 2006, "To evaporate the point, down with capitalism."
  • President Obama's Science Czar: John Holdren; " The need for de-development presents our economist with a major challenge. They must design a stable, low-consumption economy in which there is a much more equitable distribution of wealth than the present one. Redistribution of wealth both within and among nations is absolutely essential, is a decent life is to be provided for every human being."
  • Cass Sunstein, Regulatory Czar, "Without taxes there would be no liberty. Without taxes there would be no prosperity. Without taxes, few of us would have any assets worth defending. (It is) a dim fiction that some people enjoy an exercise their right without placing any burden whatsoever on the public fiscal...there is no liberty without dependency. That is why we should celebrate tax day."
Stephen Moore, WSJ

Arther Laffer, Former Economic Advisor to Pres Regan

  • Health Care for American is lef by Cap Attion Fund
  • In 2003, George Soros Pledged $3M to Center for American Progress
  • GE CEO Jeff Immelt is a member of the NY Fed Board of Directors
  • ALF-CIO's Denis Hughes Named Chair of the NY Federal Reserve

Part 3

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
Stephen Moore, WSJ

Arther Laffer, Former Economic Adviser to Pres Regan
  • Why would you put the head of the NY Fed into the hands of the former AFL-CIO Labor Union CEO?
  • Moore: Why? Because Obama owes his election to the unions. There are now union people in all areas of the government and now they are dealing with our money
  • Laffer: This guy is making Econ 101 mistakes.
  • We found out today that GE CEO Jeff Immelt is a member of the NY Fed Board of Directors
  • Moore: I believe that when you mix big government and big business, bad things happen. Because what you get is government feeding the companies.

Part 4

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • Whats the rush with these bills? Why can't we vet people and policies?
  • What does the President really believe in?
Michlle Malkin, Fox NEws Contributor
  • Malkin: Reclaiming Revolution, a book by STORM. Self published history of this group standing to gether to organize a revolution movement, retrospective of what they did and when they disbanded. Parrallels betweent he way this netwrork and ACORN and SEIU operates. Van Jones was a founding members of STORM.
  • Malkin: You could only join by invitation only, they did better vetting than the Obama admin. What happened was that many members started their own group because they didn't get along. We don't know who the shadowy founders were but we do know the funders are of some of those other groups.
  • STORM on 9/11, Reclaiming Revolution, pg 47, "The Vigil was to be an expression of solidarity with Arab- and Muslim Americans and of morning for the dead in New York and Washington DC as well as the victims of the US imperialism about the world. The vigil, held in Oakland's snow park,drew hundreds of people. There STORM members articulated a strong anti0imperialist line that resonated with everyday people there."
  • STORM on MAO, Reclaiming Revolution, pg 51, "Storm was never formally a 'marxist-leninist' oranization, and we never has a systematic marzist theoretical framework. But we did have a poliical commitment to the fundamental ideas of marxism-leninism. We upheld the marxist critique of capitalist explotaiton, We agree with Lenin's analysis of the state and party and we found inspiration and guidance int eh insurgent revolutionary stategies developed by third world revolutionries like Mao Tse-Tung and Amilcar Cabral."
Part 5

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
Michlle Malkin, Fox News Contributor

RAW: Roots Against War, founded early 1990 to protest against war. We aren't sure who was a member because they were so secretive. Explicitly Marxist, Leninist, anti Capitalist.


STORM: engaged in direct actions and protesting in violent riots


ELLA BAKER FOUNDATION: Bay Area Police Watch, demonizing local police and freeing cop killer from jail



Part 6

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
Day 2 Questions
  • Who is "surrounding" the president in the White House?
  • Do any of the president's advisers have criminal records?
  • Are the president's advisers working to better the country or their own ideals?
  • Who are the anti-capitalists in Washington?
  • What role do they have in crafting bills?
  • What was "STORM"? What happened to the founders; where are they now?
  • What qualifications must one have to be a presidential adviser?
  • What is the difference between a community organizer and a community activist?•
  • Do the "czars" have power?
  • Should a communist have the ear of the president of the United States?
  • What role did the Apollo Alliance play in crafting bills?
  • Does the president know the co-founder of the Weather Underground is a board member of the Apollo Alliance?
  • How many people in the administration are connected to the Movement for a Democratic Society?
  • What role does George Soros play... constitutionally?

Glenn Beck's The New Republic: America's Future 8/24 (repost)

Beck is doing a series this week called, The New Republic: America's Future. He will ask the hard questions and talk about the things that no one is talking about. He makes sure to point out that "this show is an opinion show."

I will do my best to detail at least some of the key information that he covers, even if its not on "time" and place the youtube clips below for more detailed information.

Beck does an amazing job of putting a million details into a 1 hour programs and it is sometimes impossible to get everything! So don't forget to tune in all this week at 5 pm on Fox to watch The Glenn Beck program.


Topic: Economy, Things that don't make sense. Until they start making sense you should not allow them to pass any other bill.

Part 1

Why is no one else asking these questions?

1. Can we survive this debt?
a. If yes, how?
2. What is the rush on Health Care? Cap and Trade?
3. Who is writing these bills?
4. Will Washington read and understand these bills?
5. Why is it grassroots if it is for and astroturf if it is against?

According to
  • $32, 232 debt per citizen
  • $191, 832 liability per citizen
  • $23, 812 private debt per citizen
  • $306 million interest on debt


Part 2

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • Cloward- Piven Strategy in a Nutshell, 1966 Nation's Article
  • Basic Idea: Everyone on welfare will wipe out poverty. Accomplish that through community organization overwhelming system that would lead to a new system.
  • Liberal Democrate, Pat Caddell, Former Democratic Pollster: guest
    - Doesn't believe that the Cloward-Piven Strategy is what's going on even though he thinks we might eventually get there.
    - He wants to know where you get these bills 6 months into the administration when previous administrations were still "finding the bathroom"
    - With the issue of Holder and the CIA, Caddell was asking himself, The country said move on? The President say move on? But extremely liberal organization are pushing this. So I had to ask myself, is Barack Obama really in control? Whose really in control here?

Part 3

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • over 3 dozen Czars, special advisers to President
  • Van Jones, Green Job's Czar: Board member for APOLLO alliance, the group that wrote the stimulus bill
  • "I'm basically a community organizer withing White House"-Van Jones
  • Bio on Van Jones
    Arrested during the Rodney King Riots
    "I met all these young radical people of color, I mean really radical, Communists and Anarchist, and it was like 'this is what I need to be a part of'"..."by August I was a communist"- Van Jones
    Member of STORM- Radical Revolutionary
    Van Jones work included "mobilzing young people of Color into Militant Direct Action and combin it with more deeply-rooted organizing in our communities."
    "He considers himself a revolutionary just a more effective one"-Van Jones

Questions Glenn Beck Program posed to the White House
Was the White House aware of Van Jones' background in radical politics? If so, did this give the White House any pause?

Response from the White House
Mr. Jones is entirely focus on one policy goal: building clean energy incentives which create 21st century jobs that improve energy efficiency and utilize renewable resources (Statement WH Council on Environmental Quality)

Part 4

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • The role that the APOLLO alliance and Van Jones have in the actual stimulus bill.
  • Stimulus includes more than 110 billion for Green initiatives.
  • APOLLO Alliance, Van Jones put this organization together to promote Environmental blah blah
  • Apollo aligns big labor social justice groups and the green movement.
  • Apollo aligns interest of many deep pocketed left activist groups
  • Apollo backers include SEIU ACORN, AFL-CIO, UNION STEELWORKERS + more
  • Labor was guaranteed its piece of the pie in stimulus with Davis-Bacon
  • Davis Bacon act mandates prevalent wage on Govt-Assisted Fed projects
  • ACORN eligible to receive 4.1 billion in stimulus funding
  • Pat Caddell: They are looting--It's all about the money

Part 5

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times
  • APOLLO Alliance asked for 11 billion for Smart Grid and received 10.9 million. APOLLO Alliance wanted 100 million for job training for Smart Grid. They got more than they asked for in many areas.
  • "Hooptee for Hybrids" found in Van Jones' book from a few years ago --the foundation for the Cash for Clunkers.
  • How did these Czar get vetted? The White House is doing it, supposedly.

Part 6

Reasonable Questions for Unreasonable Times

Day 1

  • Can we survive this debt? If yes, how?

  • Why the rush on health care reform, cap-and-trade?• Who is writing these bills?

  • Will Washington read and understand the bills?

  • Why are you called "grassroots" if you are for, but "Astroturf" if you are against?

  • Our unfunded liabilities for Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid is close to $100 trillion. Is there any way to pay for these programs without bankrupting America?

  • We are in so much debt, why spend more borrowed money on cap-and-trade and health care programs before we stop the flow of red ink?

  • The stimulus package funneled billions of dollars to ACORN: How does giving billions of dollars to ACORN stimulate the economy?

  • If it was so important for Congress to pass the stimulus bill before they even had time to read it, why has only a fraction of the stimulus money been spent six months later?

  • Former President Bush said he had to abandon free market principles in order to save them; how exactly does that work?

  • Why won’t member of Congress read the bills before they vote on them?

  • Why are citizens mocked and laughed at when they ask their congressman to read the bills before they vote on them?

  • Was the "cash for clunkers" program meant to save the Earth or the economy? Did it accomplish either?

  • How did Van Jones, a self-proclaimed communist, become a special adviser to the president?

  • Did President Obama know of Van Jones’ radical political beliefs when he named him special adviser?

  • The Apollo Alliance claimed credit for writing the stimulus bill; why was this group allowed to write any portion of this bill?

  • If politicians aren’t writing the bills and aren’t reading the bills, do they have any idea what these 1,000-page plus bills actually impose on the American people?

  • If the "public option" health care plan is so good, why won’t politicians agree to have that as their plan?

  • If town hall meetings are intended for the politicians to learn what’s on our mind, why do they spend so much time talking instead of listening?

  • Politicians are refusing to attend town hall meetings complaining, without evidence, that they are scripted. Does that mean we shouldn’t come out and vote for you since every campaign stop, baby kiss and speech you give is scripted?

  • Why would you want to overwhelm the system?

  • Is using the economic crises to rush legislation through Congress what Rahm Emanuel meant when he talked about not letting a crisis go to waste?

  • What are the president's "czars" paid? What is the budget for their staffs/offices?

Articles Spotlight: 8/28


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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Chick Chat: Bumper, Cars

Has anyone else noticed the decrease in Obama '08 stickers on cars?

It is kind of funny because I had asked myself this question a couple days ago and hadn't had time to do a little write up about it. Then today when perusing the cartoons I found this gem...

Just a couple months ago I used to see a lot more bumper sticker supporting the President. You would drive around and see everything from Prius' to Lexus', Hummer's to Clunker's to Mercedes' sporting the nifty little blue bumper sticker supporting our dear Barry O.

But it seems that many of these supporters are either
a.) taking the stickers off because they are as embarrassed to be associated with this outrages, irresponsible administration
b.)Unable to pay for gas to drive around

I have a very Conservative, very outspoken, talk-radio-on-speed-dial cousin that lives in Memphis and I laughed when she said she would not take off her McCain/Palin bumper sticker. She wanted people to know that this mess we currently find ouselves in, wasn't her fault. The more I think about it and the more time that passes the more this logic makes sense. Obama's approval rating is steadily falling, Gallup's Daily Poll came in at the lowest mark yet with 50% approval. I had never seen bumper stickers as a true reflection of the countries 'mood' but it definitely seems to be in this case!


Cartoons: Aug 28th

Chick Chat: Balance, Accountabilty and Reason

The American people have put all our dems in one basket, two words are missing from our government, balance and accountability.

I was talking with a cousin of mine from Costa Rica, a very intelligent 12 year old, Alexa. She asked me why we were always talking about Obama and the govenrnment. So I attempted to explained to her the fundamental problem that we are having right now. It went a little like this.

The United States was founded with 3 branches of government, legislative, executive and judicial. The legislative branch makes the laws, the executive branch carries out the laws and the judicial branch interprets or explains the laws. Now the reason that our very intelligent founders made three bodies of federal government is because they realized the importance of balance and accountability.

The legislative branch is responsible for its part, but it is also held accountable by the executive and judicial branches etc etc. Balance and accountability are fundamental principles of our system. Now, when one group has overwhelming control of too many branches then there is no longer the balance nor accountability that we need.

She understood that, why didn't America??

But here we are. All our dems...I mean eggs in one basket. We have created this mess for ourselves and now we have to dig our way out. We have to protest, write, call, email, shout, question, blog, comment, research, inform, talk and do anything in our power to have our voices heard.

We have a chance. A fighting chance to stop this fundamental change that is facing our country but only is everyone that is outraged speaks up. It is time to make our government accountable to US.