Monday, March 1, 2010

Chick Chat: .33% of Americans are in the Military and they do good!

For a while I was just so fed up with the things going on in Washington that I could no longer even follow what was happening. Sorry that I've been gone for a few months now. I just needed a break from being depressed about the state of our union.

I was thinking about what to write about today, while catching up on watching and posting Steve Crowder's videos from You Tube (which we all know that I love) when I came across this particular one called MARINES INVADE HAITI!! Kind of makes me chuckle because for a couple months now I've been dating a man who is in the U.S. Reserves and the video really touched home.

Naturally I've learned a lot more about the military since I started things with my beau. I had never before realized how incredibly multifaceted they are. I always knew in the back of my mind that we did good along with the defense, but as Steve Crowder says, "the only thing the US Military does a bad job of doing is letting everyone know all the good that they are doing." I'm lucky enough to have learned so much more in the last couple of months, specifically since my beau's job in the Army is mostly about doing good.

I didn't know that there were specific area of the military that focus their energies solely on entering areas and creating good will among the people. Departments that focusing on helping others and improving the lives of those touched by disaster or corruption; men and women that enter dangerous areas to earn the trust of villages and elders by enhancing their way of life. Even if in return they are improving the relationship between America and the world, it is a small price to ask for the amount of good that people around the world are receiving from US Military.

I am at least grateful that here in the US people seem to have a better understanding of the good that our men and women do overseas. For some reason the beau was surprised when he recently had to make a trip into New York City in his ACU (I didn't know what those were 2 months ago so for all of us lacking army knowledge those are the camo-patterned uniforms we've all seen) people were so appreciative. Walking around he was asked to take photos with people, given free merchandise and tours, paid special attention too and mostly just thanked for his service to our country.

I thank God everyday that the vast majority of this country appreciates the sacrifice that such a small portion of American are willing to do. Just so we all have a better understanding here: only 1/3 of 1% of our country serves in the military. Such a small percentage defending so many!

When I heard that number, my heart went out even more to all those in the military. Despite where your opinion lies on the wars, we have a responsibility to support the men and women risking their lives for us! I know that I am not brave enough to take the risks and accept the sacrifices that come along with being a part of the military family. Are you?

I’m going to include the Crowder video below of course and if you have a chance to watch it please do. He makes some good points but he also has some touching footage of our military…footage that I am not used to seeing. We don’t get to see those kind of images on CNN, CNBC, FOX etc. Videos of American soldiers doing the good are not as news worthy as the footage of the mistakes.

So I will end this little rant by saying a big THANK YOU to all those men and women that are a lot braver than 99.66% of this country. You risk your lives: mind, soul and body to protect, defend and improve life for the rest of us. As meager as a simple thanks can be for all that you do, it is the least we can give you in return. Thank You and God Bless!

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